A Day Of Free Estimates

It was a beautiful day outside today, sunshine, 50+ degrees. And since its February in Ohio that’s shorts weather for some people. But I didn’t clean any windows today. And I didn’t use our pure water system. And I didn’t use the pressure washer either. Instead, I drove around for 11 hours giving free estimates.

front page of our estimates
The cover page of our free estimates.

Because we have a new expanded service area for our window cleaning services, I was out getting to know the local business to see if they needed a window cleaner. I went out to Delaware, Marion, Ontario (I didn’t even know we had a city called Ontario in Ohio), Mansfield, Fredericktown, and Mt. Vernon.

Today I focused on giving estimates to car dealerships. They usually have a lot of windows. And, if you’re sitting in the showroom thinking about buying a car, you may have a lot of time to look outside through all those windows. (and see if they are clean or not).

If you are looking outside through dirty windows, then give us a call.? We will stop by and get you your very own estimate.?