Green Be Gone!

Woah, this house was dirty! Well, not necessarily dirty with dirt. But the mildew growth was everywhere. It looks like this garage is in an open area but as you can see in the ‘after’ picture, even when the sun is out it is shaded by nearby trees. And bad things happen in shady areas.

How can you stop this from happening at your place? You can create sunlight and heat on 4 sides of the building to dry out any moisture and change the conditions where mildew likes to grow. Does that sound like to much work? Want an option thats much easier? Call us! and we will come clean it up. We can come back when you notice it getting growing back. Sometimes you may only need a small section cleaned. Let us know what bothers you when you see it and we will help get it cleaned up so you will have a bright beautiful house to look at again.

Gutter Cleaning in Pickerington

We had a lot of work to do at this huge farmhouse in the country near Pickerington OH. You can see how dirty the house and gutters were!

What we see here is water and moisture and shade to create a great environment for mildew and moss to grow. It’s not only the green everywhere that you can see, it’s inside the gutters that caused a lot of this problem. Sure, the green is an eyesore but it gets worse when we find the culprite. The gutters were completely filled on the inside with debris, sticks, leafs and other junk. This was causing the rain water to constantly over flow the gutters and create water falls all over the place. This means the water is not being properly drained away from the house, since it’s not going down the downspouts. Therefore, if left like this for long enough, it can cause major issues with causing wet basements and foundation problems.

Wouldn’t it be a pity if this beautiful old farmhouse was ruined simply by a lack of gutter cleaning?!

For more info check out this article by Erie Insurance about 5 Common Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters.

If you want a free checkup on what your gutters look like, contact us!


Before and After pictures of a storefront sign that needed some pressure washing in Zanesville Ohio

A client of ours in Zanesville Ohio is in charge of the maintanence in this area. He was getting tired of looking at the grime around this sign. While we were working at his house he asked us to go over and clean this sign. It was looking very neglected. We cleaned off all the grime and made sure to get in all the little areas in between the letters. It made a huge difference in the appearance.?

What do you put in the water to clean windows?

“What do you put in the water to clean windows?” 

Window cleaning with a new soap by Winsol Labs

We get asked this all the time. Today we are cleaning windows at Kendal at Granville and we are trying something new. Winsol Laboratories came out with a new soap for window cleaning. I have tried various specialized so for window cleaning in the past and I’ve never been really impressed with it. But the description for this window cleaning soap makes me think but this one might be better. We will see how it goes. Although it’s supposed to rain this afternoon so I’m not sure how many windows we will get to clean. But it’s Ohio so you never know. 




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Pressure washing at Spectrum in Zanesville

We use the pressure washer on a metal park bench and got rid of the old weathered look. We were at the Spectrum building in the north end of Zanesville, cleaning the windows and the concrete around the front and back entrances. And these park benches looked like they needed some help, so I went ahead and started washing them and the difference was quite significant.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

The pressure washer has been getting a workout the last few weeks. We’ve been cleaning vinyl siding on a summer home in woods near Somerset, a trio of houses in the Newark/Granville area, and a mossy roof on Buckeye Lake.

Cleaning in Heath

There was a client that is getting new vinyl shutters installed on his brick house. First we removed the old shutters. Then we could use the pressure washer to remove all the bugs and spiders and gunk that builds up behind there. We also cleaned the gutters and soffit. We had to use the ladder to access the rear upper porch but otherwise we did all the pressure cleaning from the ground.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding in Newark

Newark has an area called Strafford Woods / Britney Hills, and we came out to clean a house we’ve cleaned before. In this particular neighbor hood the north side of the houses get mildew growing on them pretty bad. In the morning, we started with the first house and cleaned the vinyl siding on the north side of the house. They also had the concrete driveway cleaned. Then we walked next door and cleaned the vinyl siding on neighbors house, again only on the north side. After that, we cleaned the vinyl siding on the north side of another neighbors house. We pulled the hose through the back yard and attached a few extra sections of hose because it was so far. This time we did have to climb the ladder in order to reach the siding up above the upper porch.

Cleaning Vinyl siding and a roof on the lake

We also spent an afternoon on the north shore of Buckeye Lake. After we spent a few hours washing the vinyl siding on the house, we turned our attention to the moss growing on the north side of the porch roof. Normally I enjoy cleaning with the pressure washer. Washing vinyl siding is visually rewarding because it doesn’t take a long time to see drastic results as we wash away the dirt and mildew. But getting this particular roof clean was very hard work. But that’s why we get the call, right? Ultimately, we got it all cleaned up and it looks 100% better. Its not something I want to do a bunch of. However I do love to see the difference when we are done.

Why do we do it?

I think that is why I like doing what I do, window cleaning and pressure washing. I enjoy seeing the difference we make when we are done. Sometimes it is easy work since, after cleaning vinyl siding for 20+ years, we have honed our technique. But sometimes it still takes a lot of hard labor to get it clean. And that is alright too. Because, in the end, the results are worth it. We hope you think so too. And our positive reviews on Google suggest that you do!

Window Cleaning the Insides

We were cleaning windows over the weekend in Zanesville. We clean the inside windows at the large Ford dealership in downtown Zanesville. In order for us to provide the highest level of service, the building supervisor removes all the cars for sale. That opens up the entire area in the showroom for us to be able to access the tall windows. And we can get to the glass walls that separate the offices in the middle of the building. Once all the cars the gone we can use the powered lift to access even the tallest windows and ledges. As we go around and do the inside window cleaning we are also taking great care to wipe down the frames. And we clean up any water we use.

We are cleaning the inside windows and using a lift to reach the highest windows and we clean the frames as well.
Cleaning the inside windows using a lift to reach highest windows.

Another benefit to cleaning the windows on a Sunday is we don’t have to worry about customers and other workers. The entire front and back of the building is glass and so the window frames are very heavy duty. The window frames are about 4 inches thick. This is a little more difficult when cleaning windows than smaller window frames. Part of the process of window cleaning when the frames are deep like this is to wipe up all the water off of the deep frames. We are essentially cleaning all the deep frames as we go along cleaning the windows.

Now, sometimes when we need to clean windows that are high up, we will use 24’ tall poles. We have a lot of experience and can efficiently clean a window with these poles while we remain safely on the ground. If we are cleaning the windows on the outside of a building then we can use our pure water system with poles as well. However, cleaning these windows on the inside is different. We could use the 24’ poles and safely reach all the glass. But we can’t get the window frames really clean with poles. So we could use ladders to reach the top windows but using a powered lift is better, safer, and faster. We are able to safely clean the windows and wipe all sides of the frames.

This process leaves not only the glass clean but the entire frame is clean as well. Now when you look outside your entire viewing experience is a clean uninterrupted view of the outside world. Beautiful!?

A Day Of Free Estimates

It was a beautiful day outside today, sunshine, 50+ degrees. And since its February in Ohio that’s shorts weather for some people. But I didn’t clean any windows today. And I didn’t use our pure water system. And I didn’t use the pressure washer either. Instead, I drove around for 11 hours giving free estimates.

front page of our estimates
The cover page of our free estimates.

Because we have a new expanded service area for our window cleaning services, I was out getting to know the local business to see if they needed a window cleaner. I went out to Delaware, Marion, Ontario (I didn’t even know we had a city called Ontario in Ohio), Mansfield, Fredericktown, and Mt. Vernon.

Today I focused on giving estimates to car dealerships. They usually have a lot of windows. And, if you’re sitting in the showroom thinking about buying a car, you may have a lot of time to look outside through all those windows. (and see if they are clean or not).

If you are looking outside through dirty windows, then give us a call.? We will stop by and get you your very own estimate.?