To Infinity(or less) and Beyond(but not to far)!

Our service area is expanding.

Hello, I wanted to let you know we are expanding our service area!

Our service area is expanding.
We are expanding our service area.

We are now providing window cleaning and pressure washing services in the Marion, Mansfield and Mt. Vernon areas. This will also include the surrounding areas including: Upper Sandusky, Galion,?Bucyrus, Delaware, Bellville, Mt. Gilead, and the general area of north central Ohio.

We still provide our window cleaning and pressure washing services throughout central Ohio, focused along I-70 from Columbus to Newark / Heath / Granville to Zanesville to Cambridge.

A map with an outline of our expanded service area
An outline of our new service areas that include Mansfield, Marion, and Mt. Vernon. ? ???

?If you, or someone you know, have any need for these services in these areas please let us know and we’ll be happy to get them a free quote.??


Concrete Patio Cleaning

Railing has been cleaned

We were doing some work on Stonington Place in Zanesville last week. The patio off the back of this condo unit gets a lot of shade. Therefore, it is a good place for mildew to grow on the concrete. We were able to use the pressure washer along with some soaps to clean the entire patio including the decorative railing. We came back in the afternoon and applied sealer to ensure it stays cleaner for longer.?

Railing has been cleaned
Decorative railing has been partially pressure washed, showing a before and after contrast


And, since we do the window cleaning and pressure washing for multiple families on Stonington Pl, as soon as we were done at this condo, we drove 200 feet forward and cleaned the windows for someone else!?

Before and after of cleaning a patio
Concrete patio cleaned with a pressure washer.


Pressure washing marble on front of old Century National Bank building.

pressure washing marble building
pressure washing marble building
Before After of Marble entry at Century National Bank

We went way down to Logan a month ago for our friends at Century National Bank. We clean a lot of their offices and they asked if we could pressure wash the large office in Logan. So we went rented a 75’ boom lift and got to work cleaning up years and years worth of build up. This was a long hard day of cleaning. We had to be careful with our technique so we didn’t damage the old building. At the end of the day it turned out really good! So many parts of the grand entryway have been rid of dark dirty areas and now it’s bright and welcoming.?

If you also prefer a bright and welcoming entrance then contact us today.?

Before After of Marble entryway
pressure washing from a boom lift to clean black algae from the marble entryway at Century National Bank building.?

Window (frame) Cleaning

closeup view of the window frames showing Clean vs Dirty
e Window frames Build A Bear in Easton Town Center.

These window frames at Build-A-Bear in Easton Town Center are always so dirty. But that red looks sooo nice after it’s been cleaned up and wiped down! 

We always try to wipe off the frames when we are doing commercial windows. It takes us a few extra moments but I think it really makes the appearance stand out! 

So instead of leaving water on the edge of the frame we give some extra effort to have the frames wiped down so these businesses can look their best.