Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

The pressure washer has been getting a workout the last few weeks. We’ve been cleaning vinyl siding on a summer home in woods near Somerset, a trio of houses in the Newark/Granville area, and a mossy roof on Buckeye Lake.

Cleaning in Heath

There was a client that is getting new vinyl shutters installed on his brick house. First we removed the old shutters. Then we could use the pressure washer to remove all the bugs and spiders and gunk that builds up behind there. We also cleaned the gutters and soffit. We had to use the ladder to access the rear upper porch but otherwise we did all the pressure cleaning from the ground.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding in Newark

Newark has an area called Strafford Woods / Britney Hills, and we came out to clean a house we’ve cleaned before. In this particular neighbor hood the north side of the houses get mildew growing on them pretty bad. In the morning, we started with the first house and cleaned the vinyl siding on the north side of the house. They also had the concrete driveway cleaned. Then we walked next door and cleaned the vinyl siding on neighbors house, again only on the north side. After that, we cleaned the vinyl siding on the north side of another neighbors house. We pulled the hose through the back yard and attached a few extra sections of hose because it was so far. This time we did have to climb the ladder in order to reach the siding up above the upper porch.

Cleaning Vinyl siding and a roof on the lake

We also spent an afternoon on the north shore of Buckeye Lake. After we spent a few hours washing the vinyl siding on the house, we turned our attention to the moss growing on the north side of the porch roof. Normally I enjoy cleaning with the pressure washer. Washing vinyl siding is visually rewarding because it doesn’t take a long time to see drastic results as we wash away the dirt and mildew. But getting this particular roof clean was very hard work. But that’s why we get the call, right? Ultimately, we got it all cleaned up and it looks 100% better. Its not something I want to do a bunch of. However I do love to see the difference when we are done.

Why do we do it?

I think that is why I like doing what I do, window cleaning and pressure washing. I enjoy seeing the difference we make when we are done. Sometimes it is easy work since, after cleaning vinyl siding for 20+ years, we have honed our technique. But sometimes it still takes a lot of hard labor to get it clean. And that is alright too. Because, in the end, the results are worth it. We hope you think so too. And our positive reviews on Google suggest that you do!