Green Be Gone!

Woah, this house was dirty! Well, not necessarily dirty with dirt. But the mildew growth was everywhere. It looks like this garage is in an open area but as you can see in the ‘after’ picture, even when the sun is out it is shaded by nearby trees. And bad things happen in shady areas.

How can you stop this from happening at your place? You can create sunlight and heat on 4 sides of the building to dry out any moisture and change the conditions where mildew likes to grow. Does that sound like to much work? Want an option thats much easier? Call us! and we will come clean it up. We can come back when you notice it getting growing back. Sometimes you may only need a small section cleaned. Let us know what bothers you when you see it and we will help get it cleaned up so you will have a bright beautiful house to look at again.