Gutter Cleaning in Pickerington

We had a lot of work to do at this huge farmhouse in the country near Pickerington OH. You can see how dirty the house and gutters were!

What we see here is water and moisture and shade to create a great environment for mildew and moss to grow. It’s not only the green everywhere that you can see, it’s inside the gutters that caused a lot of this problem. Sure, the green is an eyesore but it gets worse when we find the culprite. The gutters were completely filled on the inside with debris, sticks, leafs and other junk. This was causing the rain water to constantly over flow the gutters and create water falls all over the place. This means the water is not being properly drained away from the house, since it’s not going down the downspouts. Therefore, if left like this for long enough, it can cause major issues with causing wet basements and foundation problems.

Wouldn’t it be a pity if this beautiful old farmhouse was ruined simply by a lack of gutter cleaning?!

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