Window Cleaning the Insides

We were cleaning windows over the weekend in Zanesville. We clean the inside windows at the large Ford dealership in downtown Zanesville. In order for us to provide the highest level of service, the building supervisor removes all the cars for sale. That opens up the entire area in the showroom for us to be able to access the tall windows. And we can get to the glass walls that separate the offices in the middle of the building. Once all the cars the gone we can use the powered lift to access even the tallest windows and ledges. As we go around and do the inside window cleaning we are also taking great care to wipe down the frames. And we clean up any water we use.

We are cleaning the inside windows and using a lift to reach the highest windows and we clean the frames as well.
Cleaning the inside windows using a lift to reach highest windows.

Another benefit to cleaning the windows on a Sunday is we don’t have to worry about customers and other workers. The entire front and back of the building is glass and so the window frames are very heavy duty. The window frames are about 4 inches thick. This is a little more difficult when cleaning windows than smaller window frames. Part of the process of window cleaning when the frames are deep like this is to wipe up all the water off of the deep frames. We are essentially cleaning all the deep frames as we go along cleaning the windows.

Now, sometimes when we need to clean windows that are high up, we will use 24’ tall poles. We have a lot of experience and can efficiently clean a window with these poles while we remain safely on the ground. If we are cleaning the windows on the outside of a building then we can use our pure water system with poles as well. However, cleaning these windows on the inside is different. We could use the 24’ poles and safely reach all the glass. But we can’t get the window frames really clean with poles. So we could use ladders to reach the top windows but using a powered lift is better, safer, and faster. We are able to safely clean the windows and wipe all sides of the frames.

This process leaves not only the glass clean but the entire frame is clean as well. Now when you look outside your entire viewing experience is a clean uninterrupted view of the outside world. Beautiful!?